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I'm unavailable to illustrate books or projects in 2019 & 2020
I hope to return to my love of illustrating stories for children when I'm well enough to do so. In the meantime, I plan to illustrate my own children's stories on my 'good days' without the pressure of deadlines. I'm happy to stay in touch with traditional publishers for future projects.
Currently, I'm unable to respond immediately, but am happy to answer questions when I'm feeling well enough. I've listed some helpful resources Links For kid-Lit Creators 
You will find my latest news and events, work in progress, including pictures and videos of my illustration process, plus free kids activities, life ramblings and more . . . behind the scenes of an illustrator . . .  From The Art Room

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Frequently  Asked  Questions
I’m an aspiring author and have written a children’s picture book. Will you illustrate my story?

Thank you for thinking of me, but there’s actually no need for you to look for an illustrator unless you’re self publishing or, in the rare situation, your publisher wants you to organise the illustrations. Unfortunately, I’m not able to work directly with aspiring authors or self publishers at this time.
Here are some helpful links if you need to find an illustrator yourself.

For more info on the children’s book industry and how it works, please consider joining the Society of Children’s Books Writers & Illustrators. I have learnt so much from aspiring and professional SCBWI members here in Queensland, and made some wonderful friends too.
Are your illustrations traditional or digital?

By mixing the two, I’m able to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Over the years, I have found illustrating digitally to be more efficient and flexible when working to deadlines and making changes. It is also environmentally friendly, in that I don’t use nearly as much paper during the storyboarding and character development stages. However, I don’t wish to compromise on my traditional style, so I include my original soft pencil outlines, watercolour washes and handmade textures in my final illustrations, which are completed using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom drawing tablet.
I looked for your book at my local bookshop, but couldn’t find it. Where can I purchase your picture books?

If my book is currently not on the shelf of your local bookstore, you can ask a staff member to order one in for you [if they stock books from that publisher]. Alternatively, you can purchase online by clicking here on 
books [or from the top menu]. Then click the gallery picture for your chosen book – where you will find more illustrations, information and  a [buy now] link – under each book cover.

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